Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hiatus #3

Recently a friend of mine wrote me a message saying, "No Flying Houses in 2 months? What gives?"

Actually, it's only been about 45 days, but yeah, nothing since the big news about Mr. Salinger. In a sense, I have not added anything because I believe he deserved to be the top story on this blog for a long time.

But there is a more obvious reason--after The Magic Mountain hiatus, and then the Ulysses hiatus, we now have the Ada hiatus. Ada is about 600 pages long, shorter than the other two, but there have been other elements causing this delay: a 5 day trip to L.A., a 5 day trip to New York (occurring in 8 days), a 5 day stint of playing independent homeowner, an upcoming 9 day stint of playing independent homeowner, and law school research/decision-making--so almost half the time I have been busy (though it's not like I don't read on the airplane)--and besides that, I've been at work, and behaving in all sorts of ill-advised ways in my free time.

I am also working on novel #3 (book #5)--we are 9,000 words into it--and I hope to finish the majority by August.

I did pick up Kafka's Amerika while in L.A. and briefly considered reviewing that before Ada, but I only got through 20 pages and feel that the first review of Kafka on Flying Houses should be a more momentous occasion (i.e. not quickly thrown together while another half-finished book lies in state).

In summary, please forgive this lack of activity. One day maybe someone will pay me to blog and they can collect all the posts and put them in a book like "Stuff White People Like" and then I won't have to go on hiatus because this will be my primary means of income, not restaurant work. (cue Wayne's World line: cccchhhyeah! and monkeys might start flying out of my butt!)