Friday, September 26, 2008

MBV (50 posts!)

Nothing important to mention, except that I will be going to see My Bloody Valentine tomorrow night in Chicago!

Also, Flying Houses has reached 50 posts?! Yes, I know my productivity has sloughed off since April, and my lax and open-minded to the arts temp job at Jefferies & Co. is over (which I will no doubt regret for years to come, such a foolish error I made, I could have made it work in L.A. if I stayed there, I know I could have, I know I could have) where my manager would see my typing on my blog and say, "Are you on break?" and I would say, "No, not yet," and she would say, "Please PDF," and give me an invoice and I would smile and do it quickly and happily that she wasn't taking me aside to say, "Save your personal business for after business hours." At ML Stern, I was blocked from updating Flying Houses, despite the hours upon hours of free time I had there--I had to rush through my work to find the time at Jefferies, I will always regard it as a happy, productive, perhaps slightly foolish but proud, period in my life.

Flying Houses will continue on, despite the fact that NOBODY EVER COMMENTS which probably means that NOBODY EVER READS IT! I would at least appreciate a comment saying, "Well, I read it, I just never feel the need to comment on it, because everything you write is so inarguably perfect!" Yeah right!

I will take pictures of the concert and write the 2nd concert review on Flying Houses (after my rather poor one of the Fiery Furnaces show at Spaceland back in May--again, not the best time in my life, but still a time of blissful ignorance, debauchery--the ceiling was coming down on me but I wasn't all that concerned about it yet) Sunday or Monday. Have a great weekend everyone! If you're going to be at the Chicago show let me know and we can meet up! Yeah right! Like that will happen!

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Joanne said...

I'm enjoying your blog. Definitely take pics of the concert. And, thanks, you can add my blog and I'll add yours right now.