Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bands I Would See if I were going to Coachella this year

In my post about the Merge Records stuff, I briefly mentioned that I would not be able to attend Coachella this year, much to my dismay as the lineup was rumored to be quite good, and as it landed rather serendipitously over my birthday weekend. Disneyworld it is, for better or worse, and all along my last day there, I will be thinking about how I could be having much more age-appropriate fun for a significantly better value than expensive theme parks, expensive hotels, expensive dining--but then again I am not paying for this trip, so I shouldn't complain. If I were still in California, I would be in the desert this weekend without question, and I nearly want to kill myself for the impossibility of making the trip from the midwest. The only thing that keeps me from tearing my hair out is the promise of another Pitchfork festival, which will hopefully continue to provide excellent lineups--I don't see why it would not. Still, you cannot beat the Woodstock-y atmosphere of everyone needing to camp in the same location, somewhere in the middle between L.A. and Las Vegas.

These are all the sets I would try to see if I were going:

Paul McCartney (just because)
Morrissey (undoubtedly)
Franz Ferdinand (because I've never seen them live and like them okay)
Leonard Cohen (because he is legendary)
Girl Talk (if there was nothing else on and if I wanted to try to pick someone up)
Silversun Pickups (just because I lived right by the plaza they named their band after)
Crystal Castles (because I am listening to them right now and they are cool)
M. Ward (if there was nothing better on)
The Hold Steady (because they're an awesome band, particularly live)
A Place to Bury Strangers (because I've wanted to see them a little bit)
---nobody else the first day---
TV on the Radio (would be very nice to see in that atmosphere)
Fleet Foxes (just to see what all the fuss is about)
Amy Winehouse (ditto--more interesting than the Killers at least IMO)
Henry Rollins (yes! now get offered gobs of money for a Black Flag reunion next year!)
Hercules and the Love Affair (are supposed to be good)
Superchunk (because they might be my favorite band-one of the highlights of the lineup)
Liars (awesome!)
Bob Mould Band (because it's the next best thing to Husker Du)
---nobody else on the second day---
My Bloody Valentine (one of the best live experiences of my life--too bad they're almost last)
The Cure (I've always wanted to see them, they rule)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (debuting new material--are always fun)
Paul Weller (because I really like the Jam)
X (another huge highlight--been dying to see them for years)
Fucked Up (are really sweet--I predict they will play P4K though)
No Age (not the most exciting band live, but still wonderful)
Throbbing Gristle (just because)

OK, so 26 bands I really want to see for the hefty price tag of $269+fees. If I weren't going to Disneyworld, I would drop the cash (that I really don't have) on this. To me, it would be worth it. Coachella in 2004 was a wonderful experience--even if I did it totally the wrong way--and because of that I would love to go back and do it the right way now that I know what it's like. For anybody who hasn't been--you should go! And if you need any advice on how to prepare, drop me a line and I will give you a few tips.

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