Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday

Today, Flying Houses turns 6.  Truthfully, it has not been a very exciting year for us.  There were only 25 posts all year.  In my defense, the months of May - October were spent in a daze, studying for an exam and then worrying constantly about if I passed or not.  Then, November through the present has been spent in a different sort of daze, trying to make some sort of way in the world.  Still, we will go on, and hope for a better year.  This year should get off to a good start, as the next two reviews will be books by Tao Lin and Dave Eggers, certainly two of literature's most interesting subjects (just don't be surprised if they don't show up until May).

While this year has not been the greatest cause for celebration, some figures are worth noting.

Today, our total number of views is 59,169.  I can only tell from last year's post that "we cracked 30,000 views," and foolishly did not provide an exact number.  I also hoped to hit 75,000 and go over 300 posts by this point.  Thus we have failed, and if I don't crack 300 posts by next year I will probably stop posting altogether.  But that is highly unlikely.

The month of May 2013 had more visits than any other month in our history (2,790).

The most popular post was on scamblogs, NIED #23, but that got me into so much trouble that I won't even link to it.

The review of We All Sleep in the Same Room was the 2nd most popular and I will link to that.

I feel that Wild Bill is one of the best reviews I wrote this past year.  But The Confessions of Felix Krull was also quite noteworthy.

Thank you all for reading, and please continue to visit!  I've increasingly felt this blog is most useful for people that need to kill time while at work, and read something that is vaguely intellectually engaging.  Of course it is still a record of my constant education in literature, and I am continually proud of how much material I've produced.  This blog may never be a comprehensive encyclopedia, but it is an encyclopedia of the life of my mind in art.  My goal has been to turn these reviews into an art form.  Whether that has come off is up for debate, but I will always keep trying to do better.  

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I enjoy this blog and you have some good writings here. With blogging you just have to keep it up and over time, you will reach your goals. Good luck!