Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Online Store

Flying Houses is pleased to present our very own online store, for the purposes of disseminating a very rare, highly-valuable, limited-edition, personally-signed novel and collection of short stories. One can only hope that by the end of the Summer of 2008 there will be a second novel also to offer. In the mean time, an image will be created (advertisement), and any one browser will be able to purchase either "Daylight Savings Time" or a collection of nine short stories, tailored to your personal needs.

In order to purchase one of these two books, you will need $10, plus however much it costs to ship and handle said product (roughly $13 total, I am guessing). At the moment the production cost is free due to my current office stint. All books will be bound with a plastic, curlicue spine, a clear plastic cover sheet, and a blue backing page. All copies will be signed, and with a personal inscription if you so choose.

Regardless of your needs, "Daylight Savings Time" or "Collection of Nine Random Short Stories" will open up horizons previously unknown to you, and cause you to cry, and probably inspire you towards one or two stupid decisions. While they are not hardcover, mass-market products, presided over by agents and editors, they are better than that because they do not pander to anyone's literary tastes except my own, which, if you please, is self-reflexive (write what you would like to read) and is therefore looking out for you as well, anon. browser, aspiring artist. Synopses, criticisms, and praise will follow as images are created.

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